• 10th Jul 2015

    Station is pleased to announce a major exhibition by TV Moore opening at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art on the 15th of August as part of their annual ‘Influential Australian Artist’ program. With Love & Squalor brings together recent and new works from the New York based artist, using animation and sound as a central theme.
    The first major solo exhibition to be held in Melbourne, combining TV Moore’s video and sound works as well as hyper-electric digital paintings within a tactile environment, all characterised by the artists’ ongoing critical consideration of technology and media consumption across high and low culture.  
    Moore has maintained an unwavering commitment to creating a body of work that engages with the moving image in all it’s forms. Using video, animation, performance and sound as well as painting, photography, sculpture and installation, Moore creates psychedelic, decadent works that reach back to pop, abstract expressionism and surrealism.  His works are characterized by an overriding sense of emotion, where energy and angst, perversion and pleasure, seduction and danger co-exist.
    He has been recognized at the national and international level, with several major awards including the Anne Landa Award for Video and New Media Arts (Art Gallery NSW, 2009), the Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship (2003), and an Australia Council Fellowship (2013-14). Recent exhibitions include the 2014 mid-career survey exhibition, TV Moore’s Rum Jungle, held at Campbelltown Arts Centre, also coinciding with his participation in the 19th Biennale of Sydney.
    Concurrent with this exhibition, Moore will also be exhibiting new works at Station Gallery, Melbourne from the 22nd of August until the 19th of September.
    Opening night: 14 August 6 - 8pm.
    15 August to 27 September, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), 111 Sturt St, Southbank.
  • 19th Jun 2015

    Séraphine Pick will be presenting a major exhibition of new and recent works in White Noise at The Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hut, New Zealand later this month. The works featured continue with Pick’s exploration of her own life experience as a teenager of the 1970s and as a mother at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Equally evident is her interest in the distortions of reality produced by the internet, exploring both the value of the painted image and the sociological and psychological impact of the web. Opening on the 26th of June the exhibition is on until 17th of January 2016.
  • 12th Jun 2015

    Laith McGregor is currently showing a group of new works in PULAU, an exhibition that is on whilst McGregor is undertaking an artist residency at The Young in Wellington, New Zealand. This exhibition of site-specific wall drawings, new objects and framed works on paper will be on display until the 4th of July.
  • 27th May 2015

    Michelle Ussher is currently showing a collection of new paintings, ceramic and sound works in The Mind goes out to Meet itself within Artspace Sydney’s new 'Ideas Platform' space. Continuing the themes within her recent show at Station, this exhibition was created whilst Ussher was undertaking a 3 month residency at Artspace and concludes on the 31st of May.
  • 23rd May 2015

    Station now represents New Zealand based artist Patrick Lundberg in Australia. Known for his arrangements of detailed marble looking objects, these work integrate within their environment, both on walls and floors creating forever changing subtle contemporary displays. As seen at Station in Lundberg’s solo exhibition GAMES III in February 2015, and with a new site specific work that will be displayed within Station’s room at the Spring 1883 art fair in Sydney later this year.

  • 5th May 2015

    Ronnie van Hout is exhibiting new sculptural and video works this Wednesday at TCB art Inc in Chinatown, Melbourne. Titled Punk on a Bed the exhibition will be comprised of one of Hout’s well loved doppelgänger mannequin’s along with a collaborative video work with Kalinda Vary. Opening on the 6th of May, 6 - 8pm, the exhibition runs until the 23rd of May 2015.

  • 30th Apr 2015

    New Zealand based artist Peter Madden is now represented by Station in Australia. Madden’s practice is comprised of incredibly elaborate collage works composed of carefully selected images that are surgically removed and assembled into a new totality. His sculptural work also represent this preciseness and selectivity, where cut elements are layered upon each other creating delicate sculptural devices housed in vitrines, or are in combination with found objects such as chairs. Madden will exhibiting a new suite of works at Station in November 2015.
  • 15th Apr 2015

    Tom Polo has been commissioned for the design of West Space’s 2015 Annual Fundraiser, an exhibition that includes artworks by over 100 artists with either 50% or 100% of proceeds going to support West Space. Opening on Thursday the 14th of May, 6 - 9pm, the exhibition will continue until the 17th of May. (image: Tom Polo The Decision Makers (Hands Held High) 2015)

  • 14th Mar 2015

    Tony Schwensen has been included in Tell Me My Truth the second instalment of Mass Group Incident, an exhibition that looks to pertinent and often contentious questions around the mediation of history, memory, mass communication, surveillance, control and the central question of the subjectivity of the individual in relation to the group. Opening on the 26th of March at Sydney’s 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, it will run until May 16th.

  • 6th Mar 2015

    Daniel Boyd has been curated into the major exhibition All the World’s Futures by esteemed curator, art critic, editor and writer Okwui Enwezor; an exhibition he describes as “a project devoted to a fresh appraisal of the relationship of art and artists to the current state of things.” At the core of the exhibition is the notion of the ‘exhibition as stage’ where historical and counter-historical projects will be explored via layers of intersecting ‘Filters’; Enwezor’s chosen Filters being: Liveness: On epic duration; Garden of Disorder; and Capital: A Live Reading. The 56th International Art Exhibition: All the World’s Futures will run from the 9th of May to the 22nd of November 2015 across the Giardini, the Arsenale and in various location across the city of Venice.